Summer Camps

A conference at Sheraton

Summer Camps

This is a yearly educational and entertainment package whereby students acquire leadership skills, personal grooming and cultural appreciation through interaction with fellow students from different cultural background. These students get to travel to various countries such as the US, UK and France. In the UK, the students attend activities in Abbey College Malvern, Select English Cambridge or Coniston Hall Manchester for which they are awarded with an English Language certificate. They also get to visit other interesting places such as Chessington park London zoo, Madame Tussauds, Alton Towers, London Eye, The Nigerian High Commission and many more.

In the US, students lodge at the Renaissance Hotel, Los Angeles and the best Western Hotel where they have a fun filled time visiting Hollywood and Disneyland. They attend a leadership course at the Leadership Institute in Virginia, where they have a special tour of the White House and Capitol Hill. In France, students attend one of the most prestigious schools, “L’Ecole des Roche.” They also get to visit UNESCO and Euro Disney where they all sit back to unwind.

Operating on a National scale with support from the United kingdom and the United State, QAARDAN is proving to be the number one Summer Camp in Nigeria. Our highly trained team are hand picked for their expert knowledge and experience, each one passing through detailed background and reference checks prior to embarking on an extensive and rigorous training programme to ensure that every child’s safety is not compromised.

The children work very hard as reflected in their certificates. So it was a joy to see them totally enjoying their precious days in London, Washington DC and France. There was so much to do and very little time. They take away lessons and experiences that will also trickle down the whole of society as they grow up into first class citizens of Nigeria.

QAARDAN wishes that it were possible for every student with excellent academic records and good character to have this opportunity and so a bright child sponsorship programme was introduced in 2007 to reward brilliant but less privileged students. The 3wees goes a long way in bridging the gap.

The next summer camp promises to be just as exciting and rewarding with the inclusion of new destinations with of course the UK as still the principal destination. QAARDAN is looking forward to excursions to the Netherlands, Dubai and Ghana.