PGCE - Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (International)

A conference at Sheraton

Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

This is a part--time distance learning programme run by the University of Nottingham that offers professional enrichment to teachers working in countries other than the UK. All you need to join is a classroom computer and the internet. It allows for an improvement in teaching through critical reflection and action research. It also allows teachers to compare teaching practices in different countries and choose those that are most suited to them and their students.

What makes this course extremely valuable is that it is also a gradual step toward acquiring a master’s degree in Education. Teachers do not have to take eighteen months off work to study in the UK. Instead, they have the option of acquiring a PGCE, which has a PGDE status in Nigeria. They could then move on to get a PGDE(Post Graduate Diploma in Education), which they would have to do for two summers in the UK and finally, have only to write a dissertation to complete their Masters Degree in Education.